Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Skin Wefts are hand made with hand knotted hair on a very thin mono-mesh base. They are called skin wefts because they are invisible without seams and lay flat to match your scalp.  You may have heard them referred to as tape hair extensions. 
Customers typically do not use skin wefts for a full install, they will purchase 2 or 3 tracks to add fullness or volume to their existing hairstyle. Best results are people with thin hair.
The hair can be re-used and re-taped. They can be easily removed with any hair glue remover solution. They look natural without any noticeable bumps. These are easy, fast and safe method to add hair extensions.


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  1. Matting is evil! It’s one of the worst things that can happen to Brazilian hair weaves.
    When your hair becomes impossibly tangled, it is damaging to your hair, your extensions, and your scalp. Knowing how brush your Brazilian hair weaves properly is an essential part of keeping your hair beautiful, long, and healthy.