Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

Its that time of year again, spring! That means its time to take off your winter hats and let your hair down, it also means new trends like the feather hair extensions.

When I first heard about this trend I was a bit skeptical myself.  Celebrities like Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha and even Steven Tyler from American Idol all have them. I think that they could be worn in everyday hair, and not just to make a statement at a special event.

The thing I think is neat about them is, that if you put them in under your hair or bangs as sort of a peek-a-boo extension, and curl your hair it sort of peeks out in all the right places, or if you’re looking for more I’ve seen feather extensions that are in bright colors, and colors always make a splash.  Feather extensions are great, they have tons of potential and possibilities.

If you want to be the first of your friends with feather hair extensions, call our salon today at 404-477-1812.  We are the top hair salon for feather hair extensions in the southeast located in Buckhead- Atlanta, Ga Check us out at


  1. Yes, it’s true! Hair extension is a current, continuously gaining popularity trend these days among men and women alike.Now a days modern trend and fashion are speaks lot.People want continuous change in their style and beauty.

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  2. KC just put the feather extensions in my hair, LOVE them!! They are so fun and a great conversation starter :) Thank you KC, you are so very talented xo

  3. I had the feather extensions put in and ABSOLUTELY LOVE 'EM!! Everyone is like "wow, that's so nice, are those feather extensions?" SO MUCH FUN to "spruce" up ANY hairstyle!


  4. Thank you KC Monique for my feathers. Love them so much! Getting lots of attention! I'll be back for more:)

  5. were they cheap,my mom says i have to buy them,i want them soo badly!!!

  6. Looking for some feathers myself, where can you get them in bulk?

  7. This was so informative. Thank you! I'm glad I found your blog.

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